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A modern digital wallet for all financial tasks

  • Use the SharPay service for everyday payments and settlements.
  • Instant free transfers between IBAN and accounts within the system.
  • Deposits and withdrawals using cards and wallets.
  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies.
Open a personal account
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A smart wallet for your personal finances. Store fiat and digital assets, receive and send transfers, pay bills, manage cards and cryptocurrency.
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IBAN accounts for any types of settlements

For personal purposes: SEPA replenishment and transfers to friends, relatives, companies and partners.

For freelancing: SEPA payments from customers, freelance exchanges and affiliate programs.

For investors and traders: SEPA investments in reliable companies and payments from investments.
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For crypto investors

Crypto-friendly IBAN. Buying and selling cryptocurrency directly from an IBAN account. Transfer to crypto exchanges and receive payments.
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Payment cards

Order cards for everyday needs at low rates, and pay worldwide. Manage cards in the application: top up instantly in a convenient way, transfer between accounts, block, add to contactless wallets.
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  • Easy replenish with a bank, card, cryptocurrencies.
  • From 10 EUR per opening.
  • Free service.
  • Free internal payments.
  • From 1 EUR for SEPA payments.
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    Access to your accounts at your fingertips

    System works from any computer or mobile device with internet access.


    Connect other payment accounts to your personal account

    Manage your payment accounts in other systems from one account.


    Remote account opening and KYC in a very few minutes

    It takes you two simple steps to open a personal account in just 5 minutes.


    Payment accounts in different currencies

    Open an account online in the currency you want and make international payments.


    Convenient payments and transfers

    Settle accounts via the system, payment cards, SEPA and SWIFT transfers, or other e-wallets.


    2FA account protection

    Two-factor client authentication and confirmation via SMS or special application with OTP codes.

    Getting started

    Create an account

    It take a minute to create your account. Register with a valid phone number and email.

    Get the personal verification

    Fully automated verification procedure minimizes the time spent by the client to provide verification documents.

    Your personal account is ready for use!

    Expand your payment options with SharPay!

    Open the account