Top NFT Games To Make Money With In 2023

Written by: smm

on: 29/03/2023

If you are not on a first-name basis with these games yet, you may easily get overwhelmed by the various gaming options you can find in the market. 

With this in mind, we have compiled a thorough analysis of the best NFT games in 2023 for PC and mobile.

#1. Tamadoge

It’s a play-to-earn arcade game that brings together the Super Mario gameplay, the Doge meme, and the possibility to earn rewards. What you get here is a pet with a unique identity to take care of, and buy food, accessories, and toys for. Pets can be trained and you can then use them to battle against other players for rewards and win fighting points. All transactions are made using TAMA coin with zero transaction tax. On top of that, your pet can “come to life” thanks to augmented reality and you can watch it in the real world.

Tamadoge Benefits and Features:

— Innovative usage of NFT in an AR app

— Zero-tax policy on TAMA transactions

— 65% of tokens spent are sent to the prize pool

5% of tokens with each pet store transaction are burned

#2. Battle Infinity

This is also a play-to-earn game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players can build their own army and battle other players in real-time. Each player can customize their army, purchase the most powerful items and improve them over time. In turn, the players need to have the right strategy and a solid plan.

Battle Infinity Benefits and Features:

— Auto betting

— Auto liquidity

— Guaranteed transparency

— High level of security

— Popularity among users

#3. Lucky Block

This is the largest decentralized game in today’s global gaming community. It has no geographical limits and is not pegged to a specific currency. The payout process is pretty fast, too. Keep in mind that you will have to invest in the  LBLOCK platform’s native token to make transactions.

Lucky Block Benefits and Features: 

— Eye-popping innovations

— Growth prospects

— Potential profit

#4. Alien Worlds

This is a blockchain-based game where you play the role of a space explorer and miner thanks to the knowledge you have as an Earthling. The players compete for TLM tokens that enable them to control everything around them and have access to the game’s additional features.

Alien Worlds Benefits and Features:

— Simple yet gripping gameplay

— Each of the areas you explore is unique

— Plot with multiple tasks

#5. Axie Infinity

This is a game with a majority of its fans based in Asian countries. Your task is to breed NFT creatures known as Axie. Each one is unique in its own way. That said, just like in real life, the offspring can inherit both positive and negative traits after crossbreeding. You can breed, collect, battle your Axies, use them to earn resources & collectibles, and even trade them on the marketplace. The more unique features your creature has, the rarer it is and therefore the more it will cost.

Axie Infinity Benefits and Features:

— One of the most popular games in this segment

— You can create unique NFTs and trade them right there in the game

— There are more ways to earn money than simply breeding your Axies

— You must buy at least three Axies to start the game

#6. Battle Racers

This game kicks off in a garage where you can start building your own racing car. Early in the game, the players have access to basic items only but gradually new components can be unlocked for future improvements. You can design and create something new as well as join races, as you compete with other players using your cars.

Battle Racers Benefits and Features:

— A perfect fit for car buffs

— A chance to experiment with car parts and make money through racing

#7. Gods Unchained

This is a free-to-play trading card game where you collect cards by winning the duel or buying those you need from other players. After signing up, all newbies get their hands on the starter deck and can join the tournament. Interestingly, the set of cards is different for every player. Note that GODS tokens are accepted as payment in the game.

Gods Unchained Benefits and Features:

— It’s free 

— Cards are tradable

— You can create your own NFTs

#8. Sandbox

The game is an Ethereum-based metaverse game. One of its prominent features is the availability of a native token called Sand. Users can create their own games, play other users’ games, and buy virtual land. Here’s a fun fact: someone paid  $450,000 for the plot next to the land owned by the famous rapper Snoop Dogg.

Sandbox Benefits and Features:

— Famous game

— A chance to snatch big money

— Several earning options to choose from

#9. Sorare

This is the most popular and innovative fantasy football game. In the beginning, you get a set of weak digital player cards, then you can gradually invest in more significant cards, create teams, and trade on the marketplace. The players are able to win in-game rewards based on goals, performance, number of wins, and completed in-game quests. Plus, you can attract referrals. The players earn additional rewards not only for attracting newbies but also for their activity in the game.

Sorare Benefits and Features:

— An excellent choice for football fans

— Loads of reward-winning options

— Referral program

#10. Splinterlands

What makes this game so appealing is that you don’t have to be a blockchain enthusiast to figure out how to play it and make money. It stands to mention, however, that you will have to pay a few dollars to buy a basic deck of thirty cards to get started.

Splinterlands Benefits and Features:

— You can play without understanding the inner workings of blockchain

— You always have a chance to win, even if you are dealing with a stronger opponent

— Investment always pays off

#11. Town Star

One of the features of this game that catches the user’s eye is that you don’t have to invest anything beforehand. The players are in charge of an entire city, not just a farm. You can build things, hire workers and interact with other players. But here’s a twist: the player only has one week to do this. Once the time is up, the winner will be picked. The reward at stake is a native token called GALA.

Town Star Benefits and Features:

— You don’t have to donate anything to play the game

— There are options for earning money

— You can find items to be used in the game outside the game

#12. Waves Ducks

The mission of this game is to breed ducks. You need to buy in-game tokens known as EGG to get started and then you can proceed to work on building your full-fledged duck farm. You can buy and sell adult ducks in the in-house store. The perks and bonuses you earn are equal to the time spent playing the game. The look and characteristics of the hatched ducks also have an impact on the gameplay.

Waves Ducks Benefits and Features:

— NFT ducks can be used to earn passive income

— You can trade created NFTs

— The gameplay is simple and straightforward