How To Tell Whether The Website’s Connection Is Secure

Written by: smm

on: 30/01/2023

When opening a certain website, always pay attention to its address in the URL bar. You may see a lock icon near your browser’s location field which typically means that the website is safe.

You can quickly understand whether the connection between your browser and the relevant website is encrypted, and who its owner is. On top of that, this helps avoid malicious websites that phish for the personal information of the users.

Here are the notifications in the address bar you should be on the lookout for:

#1. Secure

The website uses a protected connection for data exchange which is critical when sharing confidential information such as login, passport, banking details, etc.

#2. Not Secure

The website doesn’t use a protected connection which implies that the information you share with it can be seen and taken advantage of by third parties.

#3. Dangerous Connection

Make sure to avoid sites like that if you can. When you come across a page that shows a red warning when you open it, this means that the website is not safe and scammers can easily harvest your private information through it.

How to open a secure version of the page you need:

You can do that on some websites. Simply take the following steps:

— Go to the URL bar

— Change http:// to https://

If you are unable to do this, contact the website owner and request them to add it to their HTTPS protocol.

To know whether or not it’s safe to open a specific website, be sure to check its URL address!