How To Pick A Payment System: Checklist

Written by: smm

on: 14/11/2022

What is the payment system (PS)? This is a set of telecommunication, hardware, and software technologies designed for cashless transactions. The PS includes:

Central Bank


Payment provider

Processing center

Technical provider

There are two types of PSs — national and international. National PS operates within the country and deals with the national currency. International systems work with banks and providers in different countries. Their users can tie their cards to different accounts and use a variety of currencies.

SharPay belongs to international payment systems, which is why you will have unlimited possibilities.

In order to opt for the payment system that’s best suited for you and your business, pay attention to:

#1. Tariffs

A fee may be charged for various financial transactions, so it’s important for the system to offer favorable terms.

#2. Easy usage

The intuitive interface and straightforward integration with the website are a must-have. Everything genius is simple, as they say.

#3. Speed

Time is too valuable to waste on waiting for the transaction to get through. Choose PS where you can make your transactions in a couple of clicks—like in SharPay—and doesn’t make you wait for hours.

#4. Referral program

If a payment system has a referral program, this means that it’s evolving quickly and offers you additional benefits. For example, SharPay has a refer-a-friend program where you and a friend you invite get 5 euros.

#5. Mobile app

You are used to tackling loads of things using your cell phone. That’s why it’s best when PS has a website and an application. SharPay has one too.

Wish to connect to the SharPay payment system or learn about other advantages it has (mind you, there are still a lot of them)? Hit the link!