What is SharPay?

SharPay is a modern fintech service that allows you to easily and conveniently manage your personal or corporate finances, send and receive payments from your counterparties, analyse your money flow and much more.

Who may use it?

System can be used by anyone. System works for Business clients as well as for individuals.

My account

How to sign up and start using the system?

To register in the system you need to choose the type of user, follow the link to the registration page and provide your email or current phone number. After registration you need to go through KYC/KYB procedure which takes from 5 to 15 minutes and then use the system.

What currencies does the system work with?

System works with three major currencies EUR, USD, CZK.


How much does it cost?

For detailed information about the system tariffs we recommend to use the Tariffs page.


How to fund the account?

Easiest way to fund your account is via Visa/Mastercard. You may also independently transfer funds to your bank details or provide them to your partners for mutual settlements.

How do I transfer funds from my account?

Payment Transactions Section allows you to easily fransfer payments from your account to other accounts.

Can I transfer funds to bank accounts or other payment systems?

Да, в разделе Платежных Операций доступны различные опции перевода средств со своего счета в другие банки и системы.


How to register and receive payments in your online shop?

For this purpose a special page is available in the Settings Section which will help you to set up your shop as you wish.

What payment methods are available for online-shops?

As a rule, shops can accept payments within the system, bank cards, as well as alternative methods of payment, depending on the goods and services, payment currencies and countries of the participants of the settlements.

How long it takes to make the payments?

Payments within the system are processed instantaneously. Bank transfers are processed several times a day according to regulations.

What should I do if a payment has not been received?

In this case you should contact our Support Service for help, providing minimal details of the payment (date, amount, method of payment, payer and beneficiary).

What should I do if my transaction has been rejected?

Most often there may be refusals of payment due to a lack of funds in the account, or if the issuer bank blocks Internet payments. In this case you should contact Support Service of the card issuer bank or the corresponding payment system.

What should I do if my card has been debited twice?

If your account has been debited twice during payment, the money will be returned to your account automatically.