From cash and bank accounts to Crypto wallet

Today blockchain and crypto assets ecosystems a part of global finance services. Our Mission in SharPay is to helps users get a fast and easy way to work with cryptocurrencies.

Multi-currency crypto wallet for personal or business needs with different blockchains supported. Receive, Send, Store, Exchange, and Pay in crypto. Instant safe transfers between SharPay users.

Dive into the world of cryptocurrencies to get more out of your assets.


The easiest way to quickly buy and sell cryptocurrency

Built-in crypto to fiat currencies exchange allow you easily execute exchange order in any direction with cryptocurrencies and stablecoins for fiat directly from your SharPay account, with bank card or bank transfer.

Favorable commissions (from 0,5%), fast payments.


Crypto processing

Accept payment from your client in crypto as ease as bank card.

Accept crypto from end users around the world, including Stable coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more Altcoins.

Get paid in EUR, USD and other fiat directly to your business wallet or bank account.


Business Advantages

Processing fee from 1% and 1% fee for exchange.
No exchange rate risks: Exchange crypto automatically into stable coin or fiat.

Multi-merchant account: track different store from one dashboard.

Comprehensive reporting.
High acceptance rate for any business type.


Working with the largest liquidity providers and payment providers, we have been able to implement tools into our interface for your convenience.