Cash vs Cashless Payments: Top 5 Advantages of A Payment Card

Written by: smm

on: 10/10/2022

A bank card is so much more than just a modern way to make payments. It offers additional perks that make users’ lives so much easier. Here are the top five benefits of choosing the card:

#1. Convenience

By having a card, you don’t have to carry a lot of cash with you everywhere you go to buy things offline. Your wallet will become a lot lighter. Plus, you can pay for goods and services online from the comfort of your home.

But there’s something you must keep in mind. We suggest that you use a virtual card when doing a lot of online shopping. Before making any transaction, your virtual card is replenished via the e-banking system of the issuer. Once you’ve made the payment, there is no way your card details can be used again. This helps protect the card balance against identity thieves.

#2. Security

If your wallet full of cash gets stolen, the chances are you will not be able to get it back. In a similar situation, however, the money you keep in your bank card can be saved if you block the card promptly.

#3. No limits

Unlike cash, money kept in a bank card is readily available anywhere in the world. When making purchases, or withdrawing cash, the money is automatically converted to the transaction currency.

#4. Speed

You must admit that transferring money from one card to another in any city or country is much faster than sending cash. Not to mention that you will have to pay extra shipping fees. So, this saves not only your time but also money.

#5. Keeping money in check

Having a bank card helps you keep track of your expenditures and earnings hassle-free. You can also analyze your financial flows using card statements. This is especially critical for newbie investors who wish to save money on their first deposit.

#6. Protection of your rights

If you haven’t been provided with a service you’ve paid for or the goods turned out to be of poor quality, you can easily cancel the payment or get a refund. If the seller or service provider refuses to do it, you have the right to appeal and get your money back after all.

#7. Bonuses and discounts

Visa or MasterCard payment systems have their own customer loyalty and discount programs designed to urge card owners to make more cashless transactions.

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