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Single financial platform for business

Use a SharPay business account for transactional payments and storage of funds. Accept and send international payments. Exchange currency and hedge currency risks. Track all transactions in one account. Automate online sales by connecting your website to our checkout.
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Payment accounts

Accept and send business payments worldwide. Exchange currencies and cryptocurrencies.
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Merchant accounts

Automate online sales. Accept payments directly on your website, in social networks, and even in online messengers. Smart checkout will enable the processing of card, cryptocurrency, banking, and alternative payments. Low fees, multi-currency payments, minimum settlement delays.

Speed of payments

Instant payments within the system. Processing of dispatch and receipt of payments from other banks and systems several times a day.


Flexible payment functionality

Customizable router, variety of alternative payment methods. Single API for all payment methods.


Fast registration and KYB verification

Request of only those documents that are necessary for verification. Complete verification of counterparty up to 5 working days.


Convenient and clear control panel

Account statements, analytics and reporting for management and accounting.


Minimal fees

Minimal costs of payment for all customers. Individual tariffs for large companies.


2FA account protection

Two-factor authentication of a client and confirmation via SMS or dedicated application with OTP codes.

Getting started

Send your inquiry

Tell us about your business and leave your needs: company, industry, target regions, payment methods.

Our team of specialists will review your request and get back to you within a few days.

Go through KYB verification

Provide business docs to account manager to pass onboarding procedure. Verification will take up to 5 business days and you will be able to use all the services of the system.

Your business account is ready for use!

Work automation

Integrate payment API into your site

One API for all payment methods.
Sandbox is available to test the integration results.

Сonfirm readiness to going live

Select those payment methods you are interested in and request their activation.

Your merchant is ready for work!

Your site is ready to receive and send payments automatically.

Expand your payment options with SharPay!